Tuesday, March 29, 2011

laser hands and head waves

This is what I make when I try to trick my brain into thinking I'm in a creative mood. I'm not. 
But it does help a little. Also it's not done.

As per usual here, my collection of collage material is fairly sparse, so for this one I resorted to a picture from the right wing newspaper that's given out for free at my school. It's an art school, and they give out the religious and the right wing newspapers. Backwards?

My studio has a serious lack in terms of any kind of table/surface to work on, so this is my set-up: 
a muskoka chair for me, a school chair for my pens, a stool for my laptop and a typically green 
parisian portfolio as a lap-desk. Seems to work juuuust fine.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Postcards from Paris

Some more postcards from the early 1900's that I altered and sent home to Toronto, these two feature the Gare St. Lazare and la Grande Roue set up in the 15th arrondissment.